I Have This Thing for Glitter Socks…

Somedays I like to wear my fringed mules with glitter socks and skinny jeans. What can I say…

Glitter socks make me happy.

My sock drawer is crammed full with them. I have all the colours, I have some with frills, some with lace and some with mesh inserts. I have glitter socks covered.

For me it would be a crime to not show them off. I wouldn’t want to deprive people of a glimpse of pure joy.¬†Which is why I like to wear them with ankle-grazing skinny jeans and open-toed fringed mules.

It may make my family members do a double take and shake their heads in disbelief but it makes me grin every time I take a peep. So I will forever flaunt my glittery ankles.


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