Low-FODMAP Diet Week Two: The Big Blip

There was always going to come a time where I forgot I was meant to be strictly following the Low-FODMAP diet. A time that would see me reach for a packet of Sensations Lime/Coriander Chutney Poppadoms that Al had snuck into the cupboard, and wolf down half of the contents, minus reading the label for ingredients.

That time happened last week. And it had me rushing urgently to the bathroom where my bowels made it abundantly clear they weren’t happy.

As well as the urgent factor (I sometimes like to call this the shit storm as it usually happens at least twice) I had the bloated pregnancy belly back and the cramps. Oh yep. I went for it and so did my IBS.

On closer inspection it turns out the poppadoms have both garlic and onion powder in them. And although I’ve only been on the diet for a short period, I haven’t consumed either of those ingredients in a long time as I know onion is a trigger for me.

What a fool.

But it doesn’t stop there. Turns out I’m a sucker for punishment and went back to said packet of crisps the next evening, as I was curious to see if it’d happen a second time. Yes, I am sadistic, I can actually see you all shaking your heads in disbelief. But in the name of science, I went on. And I bloated. My stomach looked like a balloon that was being pumped up. I didn’t have to rush to the loo, nor did I have cramps, but I did find a culprit.

It’s just a shame they were my favourite crisps.

You’ll be pleased to know that normal service has now resumed and if I fancy crisps, I reach for ready salted or salt and vinegar. And I ALWAYS check the label.

Fool on me.

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