IBS, the Down Days and the Guilty Feeling

After a whirlwind trip to Dubai last week my body still seems to be playing catchup. I had bad anxiety the day we flew which led itself to a nasty IBS flare up which I’m still recuperating from. AKA the IBS down days. The ones where you’re so exhausted and lethargic that you can barely get out of bed. This weekend I felt the full effect of said down days and it sucked. Massively.

I had planned to get up early Saturday, film a YouTube video, catch up on blogging and then go out for one of my oldest friend’s 30th birthday celebrations. What actually happened was nowhere near as exciting. Instead, I peeled myself out of bed at about 10ish and rolled straight into Al’s snug dressing gown. That was that.

After beating myself up over the fact that I was so tired I wouldn’t be achieving anything on my list, Al persuaded me to spend my day snuggled on the sofa watching films. Something we rarely do during the day. Unfortunately my ultimate chill day was rudely interrupted by my IBS which had it’s own plan. Several trips to the loo and some bad stomach cramps later, and I was even more exhausted than before, meaning my evening plans were also cancelled. Gutted doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I spent the entire afternoon on the sofa, watched Strictly and then had an early night. Sunday I threw my tired body into full on TLC mode, applying a face and lip mask that I’d picked up in Sephora in Dubai Marina Mall, before settling dow no the sofa with a couple of films and my laptop.

While I still feel guilty over the fact that I haven’t filmed a video or written enough blog posts for the week, I full accept that every now and then I need to take some time to locater myself and fully recharge my batteries.

IBS is a funny thing indeed and lethargy one of the least talked about side effects but maybe one of the most visible ones. I look just as knackered as my body and bones feel. What I’ve learnt is that sometimes I need to be a bit easier on myself. I need to carve out some much needed TLC time every now and then and not beat myself up over it.

Calling my gut health crew, what do you do on your down days? How do you get yourselves out of the slumber?

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4 responses to “IBS, the Down Days and the Guilty Feeling”

  1. Avatar Anna says:

    Great blog! You are so cool and strong! 🙂 Helps me so much to now that I’m not alone with IBS.

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Awww Anna, thanks for your lovely comment. Honestly, they make it all worth sharing my story. You are definitely not alone. Unfortunately we all tend to suffer in silence but there is a group of us on Facebook (Gut Health Empire) that you should come and join. Jojo x

  2. Avatar Lion says:

    There is a group? And hope you improve i’m on an active journey to find a way to help deal with this without so much stress on the body. Stay strong and Im praying for a cure even after suffering for over 6 years.

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      There’s a great community on Facebook called The Gut Health Empire. It’s a supportive place where everyone shares their tips and tricks on how they deal with IBS. Go join! Jojo x