10 Reasons I Want to Buy My IBS Some Maternity Jeans

For a while now I’ve been considering buying myself a pair of maternity jeans, not because I’m pregnant, which I’m not, but for my bloated IBS belly. Who’s with me?!

Here are 10 reasons I’m seriously considering buying a pair…

1. I need an over-the-(bloated)-bump waistband made in jersey for extra comfort when I have a flare up.

2. Said jersey waist insert would be completely hidden under my array of voluminous tops meaning no-one would even know I’d be wearing them.

3. All my friends who’ve been pregnant have sworn by them. Maybe I borrow theirs first before investing…

4. They’re designed to fit through all stages of pregnancy meaning my bloated belly could be any size it likes and still fit in the jeans.

5. I can still wear skinny jeans but will no longer need to pop the top button when things get uncomfortable.

6. If I do have kids in the future I won’t need to invest in maternity jeans as I’ll have been so ahead of myself.

7. I can eat anything and everything. Gimme the all-you-can-eat buffet.

8. I won’t need to do the skinny-jean shuffle when attempting to wrangle my body into them each morning. No more one-leg hopping while trying to shimmy the denim over my hips.

9. I’ll be able to breathe and bend after eating a big meal. This is crucial for me as I like to stuff my face.

10. Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. Boom.

I feel like I’m on to a winner here and am so, so tempted to place my order with these ASOS babies. Who’s with me on this one? Why can’t us IBS sufferers be in comfort too?


2 responses to “10 Reasons I Want to Buy My IBS Some Maternity Jeans”

  1. Avatar Tiina says:

    Hi Jo! I’m Tiina, a fellow IBS sufferer from Finland. Absolutely love your posts and vlogs about IBS! You’re so honest yet also funny, the perfect combination 🙂 I actually think I need to email you my thoughts on anxiety when I get the chance as it affects and interests me as well.. As for today’s post, a WINNING idea. Ah, to never have to go through the torture of squeezing my belly into regular skinny jeans again.. WINNING x

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Hi Tiina! Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I just got so fed up of hiding my IBS and feeling like the only one who had it so figured why not air it all here! Hearing comments like yours *totally blushes* makes sharing all the gory details worth it. And yes, do email me, I love talking about all of this.
      P.S Maternity jeans is definitely a thing I need to try.
      Jojo xx