More shoe lovings…

I know I may be slightly over doing it on the shoe loving posts but when these beauties popped into my inbox today I couldn’t help but squeal with delight…These babies are Tristan Blair Sarah Studded Boots AND they are amazing albeit a tiny bit pricey at £285
I honestly don’t know where to start…the black suede, the studs on the toe, the Victorian style lacing up the front, the chunky heel, the patent trim…’s all a bit too much and I’m starting to feel like I need a lay down…Could they be any more amazing???????????


4 responses to “More shoe lovings…”

  1. Avatar Eeli says:

    The answer? A resounding NO! lol I think they are fab just as they are! Anything more would be COMPLETELY unecessary haha


  2. Avatar tanya says:

    UM…YES, please!!! these are gorgeous!

  3. Those shoes are epic. I love the boot like quality and the studs! xx

  4. Avatar esther says:


    so sexy.

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