Shoes Glorious Shoes

Well I had a brilliant chance to wear my denim hotpants that I chopped up last night, as a friend was having a Hawaiian themed party. Now I would normally post a piccy but I took my camera and completely forgot to use it so just imagine: denim shorts, grass skirt, bikini with flowers sewn on, Hawaiian shirt and lots of flowers!!!!

Anyways I have now decided to start up a special shoe fund. I keep seeing hundreds of pairs I would kill for and now these have taken my fancy…Feast your eyes on the LD Tuttle Slasher Sandal….
The good news is that has them in my size….the bad news is they cost £340 pounds…..damn.


4 responses to “Shoes Glorious Shoes”

  1. Avatar geisharock says:

    Oh wow. I love everything about this shoe and in violet?? Crazy amazing. Pity I’ve bought FAR too many pairs of shoes lately! xoxo

  2. Avatar kelse says:

    not much is better than fringe… x

  3. Avatar A. says:

    Amaaaaazing! Beautiful shape of the heel, especially.


  4. Avatar Stacy says:

    love the shoe, especially the fringe!

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