Where’ve you been hiding?

Let me start with a little disclaimer. This is not going to be one of those posts where I start apologising for my lengthy absence – even though it kinda is.

To say it’s been a busy few weeks would be a massive understatement. 

Work has gone haywire with a massive redesign for our website,  meaning long hours and to-do lists as long as my arms – and they’re fairly long.

For this hazy period of time I have given up any iota of a life, social or otherwise, that I had. Work has become all consuming.

I’m typing this on my phone after a particularly BAD day, so please forgive me if this post is a tad on the dramatic side… I’m just getting it all out my system. Sometimes you just gotta vent, right?

Here comes the good news…

My very talented little friend, who on this blog goes by the name of my fashion side-kick, has been poached from my grip and zooms off to Panama  this weekend, where she’ll be working with the fashion label Miss Moss to put on a massive fashion event. Jealous?!?! Me!!!

One of my other besties is now sporting a glistening gem on one of her most important fingers and has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. You’ll be please to know I have accepted this offer (obviously) on the proviso that I won’t be dressed in yellow or taffeta. 

Seeing as this post is turning into a complete run through of my life, I might as well fill you in on the not-so-new boyf. We now have a plant together. He doesn’t quite realise how big of a deal this is but I am trying to accept my new found responsibility. It just doesn’t come easy.

And finally some breaking news – I am no longer a fan of the Miu Miu glitter shoeboots since Kitty wore them (to death) on the X Factor. 

Not sure when I’ll be back in full, so ta ta for now…


One response to “Where’ve you been hiding?”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    ta ta for now indeed,
    take care beautiful <3