Oh to be a man…

To be a man for just one day is top of my wishlist at the moment. Purely for the chance to wear one of Carola Euler’s designs. She takes the simplicity of mens clothing and cuts it to fit the body perfectly always adding an extra edge and toughness to the look.

A simple t-shirt is reinvented with an extra piece of material adding a structured element to the neck and shoulder area, almost looking like some sort of harness around the chest.

Jersey cardigans that have massive shoulder tabs and slouchy sleeves, soft enough to roll up, in a shape that hangs fluidly from the body.

Tappered suits with slim legs and straight cut blazers in shades of grey and beige. Bright red bomber jackets with strong shoulder shapes paired with silver metallics trousers.

I find myself lusting after these items more and more every time I look at these pictures. I suppose, to save my laptop from copious amounts of dribble and to stop my eyes from going square, I could just get the boyf to buy it and I could borrow?


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