Want it on Wednesday: This Irresistible Floral Print Kimono

I’m currently having a complete kimono love fest. I already have one in my wardrobe, although with its heavy beaded fringing, it’s pretty impractical. And I never thought I’d say that!
They are the perfect cover up for work over a little vest top, at festivals or even on the beach – not that I’ll need one for this year *sobs*.
The one that’s currently got my heart racing is this Only Floral Print from ASOS.

It’s structured like a boxy blazer, has cute 3/4 length sleeves and is covered in a soft floral pattern.
I want it.
I always try and justify an item by seeing if I could pair it with at least three current items in my wardrobe.
Here we go:
1. Any denim shorts and vest combo that I’ll be rocking this summer, including camping with friends and Latitude festival – which seems reason enough.
2. Casually thrown over flimsy summer dresses to make them more office appropriate.
3. Instead of a heavy blazer with jeans.
Done. It’s mine. Hands off!

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