Lovin’ them gloves

Went out for a girlie night a while ago now but keep being drawn back to memories of posing Top Model stylee with a friends new pair of leather gloves. I have never really been a fan of gloves as I find it impossible to do anything with them on but I must confess, these changed my mind…
Modelled here by lovely lil friend Lisa (top two) and myself, I like the dramatic effect the black and white pics create. Plus it made me rush out and invest in these..well when I say rush out I mean pop online…details details..

Both pairs are from ASOS, my beloved site, and were fairly cheap. The long black studded gloves look their best when matched with my knitted cape jumper. They are the perfect length to stop the cold getting to me.

Whereas I like wearing the short blue frilled gloves with my battered green Zara leather jacket. Unfortunately by this point my camera batteries died…damn technology


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  1. Avatar Nikki says:

    Yep, i love them gloves – beyonce carries a similar look off in her single ladies vid with just the one glove on!!! Gotta love ’em! xxx

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