Can You Feel the Power of the Gladiator?

I know it’s far too early to even begin thinking about peeling off tights, socks and slippers and thinking about painting your toenails ready for those new summer sandals but check these out. These Rebecca Minkoff Summer Sandals might just make you change your mind.

And yes, my title is a reference to my favourite show when I was but a teen. I always wanted to be Jet and was petrified of Wolf. Anyway, I digress.

I actually happen to love winter. I’m one of those people. I love swaddling up in layer-upon-layer of clothing, hats, scarfs, the lot, I’ll be wearing it. However, I also happen to have a thing for sandals. In particular, gladiator sandals. And these are absolute beauties. First off, they’re knee high. Now, while that might not be practical in terms of awkward tan lines, my legs don’t really tan so no biggie for me.  Secondly, they have tassels. And lots of them. That’s an instant win.

Al and I are planning a relaxing beach holiday this year and I’m not going unless these sandals come with me. So there!


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