Want it on Wednesday: Grafea Purfect Leather Backpack

Can you tell I’m a little bag obsessed at the minute? I’m still mourning the loss of a couple of casualties to mould from our new place and am looking at what best to replace them with.
Because that’s what you do when you have a clear out that’s forced upon you.

This one is a sure-fire contender for obvious reasons.

1. Leopard print
2. I don’t own a backpack
3. I keep posting about the fact that I want a backpack
4. Check out all the pockets
5. Just look at it, it’s a thing of beauty

This Purfect Leather Backpack is from British brand Grafea, which I hadn’t heard of before until my bestie pointed out the fact that I should indeed own the above.

Well, that’s decided then. I’ll start counting out my pennies.


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