Halston Heritage…

I appologise for the distinct lack of posting, I’ve had a rough couple of days and just haven’t felt up to it. Things may be a little sporadic from now but I have loads of new goodies to share…

Today the thing that cheered me up most was a little email in my inbox showing me the Halston Heritage S/S10 line. Get used to it now because soon all you will see is SJP in these beautiful dresses….I can also imagine them on Tamara Mellon and Rachel Zoe. Or perhaps me if I was just a little more wealthy!

The white dress you have probably already seen in the advert for Sex & The City 2.

Personally these three are my favourites. The fluid shape, the cut and the colours are captivating. Plus the shape would hide a multitude of sins….

All dresses will be coming to net-a-porter soon…


6 responses to “Halston Heritage…”

  1. Avatar MrJeffery says:

    i love these! thanks for sharing. the colors are fun too.

  2. Avatar prettyneons says:

    Ooohhh I like the one at the bottom beautiful cut.
    prettyneons X

  3. Avatar Julia says:

    I love these dresses and all the beautiful colors! I can't wait to see more of them in Sex and the City!


  4. I don't know why there is a dicotomy between swimsuit models and fashion models. because the last one are way more skinny.

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