I admit it I’m an addict…

My name is Jo and I am an addict. An Olivia Rubin addict. 
I have blogged about her soooooo many times that I am actually beginning to feel like a stalker. I am just waiting for her to put a restraining order out against me, telling me to stop emailing/tweeting her and to stop blogging/spending hours drooling over her website. 
In the mean time- before the above becomes a reality- I want to share some of her S/S10 dresses with you. Now I had planned to stick my photoshopped head onto some of the high res images I got sent, but for some reason my photoshop won’t let me. It’s a work in progress…and will hopefully make another post…
 In the meantime let’s take a look at my Olivia Rubin S/S shopping list…
The four above are: the Matisse £257, the Miro Blue £257, the Opie Black £230 and the Picasso £175.

Posting these images just makes me feel all happy inside. I want them all and I want them now. The colours, the prints and the prices are reasonable too. Utter perfection.

Did I tell you that I had bought more of her A/W09 dresses…no?


One response to “I admit it I’m an addict…”

  1. Avatar B. KIM says:

    first one
    absolutely addicted!
    i love it.
    you have to buy all of these!