Check me out…

Or should that be check my new header out….Look how sleek and smooth and professional it all looks. It makes my little blog look all grown up. It’s also quite fitting given the direction my blog will be going in and the opportunities it has created for me.
Of course I did not create this myself. No, no, no, I am not merely talented enough. Instead my lovely friend Bhav whizzed up this little number in his spare time. He has a brilliant eye for design and knew instantly what would suit me and my blog. He is also an utter perfectionist.
This little post is basically a little dedication to Bhav and his genius work. My way of saying thank you is by giving out his email to you guys. Go get in contact you can see his website here…you will not regret it…

4 responses to “Check me out…”

  1. Avatar prettyneons says:

    Hey oh I'm so glad your blog is doing so well, after all it does frigging rock! ūüėČ

    have a fab weekend

    prettyneons X


  2. Avatar Greer says:

    very amazing header.


  3. Avatar The Mothership says:

    It's looking good!

    The mothership