ASOS Are Upping Their Boot Game and I’ve Fallen for Them All

I feel like I’ve spent the past three years typing the words ‘I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair of flat ankle boots’ and only now do I think I’ve found a pair I might actually purchase. You’ve gotta love ASOS.

Technically, I’ve fallen in love with three different pairs of boots and am finding it hard to whittle it down to just one pair. They all have something magical about them…

1. These Aiza Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots make me wanna take a walk on the wild side. I love how they’re cut low on the ankle and mix the black with the dalmatian pony effect. All for a mere £35. I can see these fitting into my wardrobe easily and working well with jeans and jumpers as well as dresses. Need I say more.

2. I’m kinda pissed at these Atlantis 60’s Ankle Boots. Mainly because after having them in my saved items for days, the minute I go to buy them they’ve gone and sold out in my size. Guess I’m not the only girl with a love for badass silver glitter. Sucks.

3. Studs, tassels and a cut-out panel make these A Moment to Think Boots pretty special. I think I could live happily in these forever. Even more so because I can wear my glittery socks and have them shine through in the cut-out panel. Sound that klaxon, I’m coming for you boots.

And there you have it, the three ASOS boots that have stolen my heart and are soon to steal my money.


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