My Dream Anthropologie Hit List

In my mind, shopping at Anthropologie equals being a classy bird. While having my routine browse I found the perfect outfit that I just had to share.

All you have to do is use your imagination to piece these three items together. Trust me, it’s dreamy.

Chain Loop Necklace, £27.95

I love a statement necklace. This one is a beautiful marbled blue-grey colour and could be worn with nearly everything in my collection.

Kebren Stripe Dress by Maeve, £81.95

The silhouette on this dress is amazing. The stripes are placed strategically to draw the eyes to the small of the waist, while the chevron stripes help elongate the rest of the body. This has to be the most flattering of dresses. The colours, a mix of subtle purples, greys and oranges, is just beautiful. I want this dress so badly.

Leather Peep Toe Shooties by Francesco Brunelli, £79.95

Where to start with these. The bright orange leather, the peep toe, the cut-out detailing and the block heel, make these the ideal shoes for the summer.

I’m going to need A LOT of self restraint to stop myself from ordering all of the above. Wish me luck.


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