Saint Laurent for Him and Her and Me

Neither myself or the not-so-new boyf are what you would call polished dressers. We both prefer the dishevelled look with just so happens to come naturally to us. However, that doesn’t mean to say that at least once in my life I’d like to spend a day looking polished and well groomed, think Parisian chic.

I’d like to think that Matches knew this and sent me just the email I’d been waiting for this morning, Saint Laurent for him and for her. Perfect.

Now while I won’t be able to afford Saint Laurent for a long time, if ever, that won’t stop me from dreaming of dressing like this.

It’s the dress that got me. I love the hidden sexiness in this dress. The deep v, the sheer sleeves and the way the dress hangs to the floor. It’s utter perfection. Just swirling around in the house with this on would make me feel incredible.

As for the sharp tailored suit, I want it so badly it hurts. The skinny trousers and fitted jacket are cut perfectly and are made only more beautiful with a classic white shirt underneath. I like how the ruffle sleeves pop out the ends. It’s all in the detailing.

As for the men’s range, well, I’d like the not-so-new boyf to pick up invest in the middle look below.

We may have some issues with this idea though. You see, the not-so-new boy has a rugby players physique so won’t actually be able to squeeze his huge thighs into the skinnies (we’ve tried before and it was hilarious), nor will he be able to fit a skinny tailored jacket with his broad shoulders. As I said before, this won’t stop me from dreaming…

If you’re lucky enough to have a huge bank balance, go ahead and buy some of the collection from Matches.

What Saint Laurent piece would are you coveting?

Images courtesy of Matches


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