Footwear Fancy: Alexander McQueen Flower Suede Platform Sandals

Net-A-Porter have been doing that thing where they send me emails announcing how amazing their sales are, how everything is on offer, how I need it in my life right now, and then, to hit me where it hurts, they throw in some McQueen. Ouch.

The McQueen in question comes in the form of these super-high bad boys.

Honestly. If I never had to pay rent, or eat or have a life again, I would go without for these babies.

There are so many plus points about these shoes that I felt the need to list them. 

5 Reasons Why I LOVE these Alexander McQueen Enamelled Flower Suede Platform Sandals
1. They are the brightest fuschia ever
2. They are suede
3. There are enamelled flowers blossoming out of the toe, that I imagine would sparkle if caught by light
4. It has a sculptured platform that I won’t be able to walk in but could wear if sitting down
5. There is a silver ‘horseshoe’ under the platform

I think that is more than enough reason to fall in love, right? 

Before I go head-over-heels, there is one little catch. The price. £2,197.50, to be exact. Ouch. Again. 
That’s with 50% off. Wowsa. 

I’ll just keep on dreaming…


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