Want it on Wednesday: Matthew Williamson Embroidered Wool-blend Cape

I love a good cape. I love the ease of the fit, how it can be structured but still fluid in the way it hangs. I love the way you can pretty much hide anything underneath but still look elegant and refined (something which I never do). In fact, the only time I don’t love a cape is when you’re standing on a crowded train, and your bat wings flap in other people’s faces… Well that won’t happen with the one I’ve found here.

That’s right, this Matthew Williamson Embroidered Wool-blend Cape has it all. It’s a cross between a coat and cape. It has a slick, structured feel and just oozes elegance.

It’s a beautiful grey wool, which from the front looks like a coat, but from the shoulders backwards, it’s all cape. Very clever.

It’s quite a boxy number, but the diagonal seam halfway down the cape draws your eyes down to the embroidery at the bottom. Beautiful green and silver sequins and beads line a contrasting black and white zigzag print.

Maybe this is the zig-a-zig-ahhh the spice Girls were always after…


One response to “Want it on Wednesday: Matthew Williamson Embroidered Wool-blend Cape”

  1. So lovely outfit. Great post.