IBS: A Quarter of the Way Through My Symprove Trial and Feeling Tickety Boo

So here’s a little story about the girl with IBS who ate too many cookies, a swipe of cream cheese frosting (K.O Rasoi was baking) and a couple of handfuls of chocolate sponge, and then saw her first major IBS situation in 4 weeks since starting her Symprove trial.

You see, sometimes I just like to push my luck and last week I was having one of those days where eating one cookie leads to another, and another, and another… You get the picture.

But for once I didn’t let my symptoms get the better of me. I slipped into my skinnies and waltzed out for dinner with two of my oldest friends. I ate a careful dinner, drank lemonade (I don’t know why but the bubbles help), sipped a peppermint tea and then came home and cuddled a hot water bottle. It was a definite blip in my otherwise amazing IBS-free four weeks but I feel proud that I didn’t let it get the better of me.

I’m now a quarter of the way through my Symprove trial and honestly couldn’t feel better. It’s given me a whole new lease of life. I’m not as bloated, I’m not as tired, and I no longer have to be within running distance of a toilet. TMI right there.

At the moment, I can wear tighter clothes (still not digging body-con mind) and not worry about looking 6 months pregnant, I can go for a night out and dance til I drop without worrying about feeling unwell. And it’s bloody brilliant and slightly miraculous, which is why I had to share.

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2 responses to “IBS: A Quarter of the Way Through My Symprove Trial and Feeling Tickety Boo”

  1. Avatar Sanj says:

    Woohoo! So glad it's working. Although I feel a touch guilty about the cream cheese frosting incident.

    P.s. you owe me a packet of chocolate chip cookies.


    • Avatar Jojo says:

      You should feel guilty, you made a cake I couldn't resist. I haven't had a swipe of cream cheese frosting in years! Damn you! X