My Self-Imposed Coat Ban Vs Chloé and Finds

I’m on a self-inflicted coat ban but that hasn’t stopped me from saving two links on my phone and constantly looking at them, daydreaming. The culprits, Chloé and Finds.
I couldn’t have picked the cheap ones, that would have made it too risky. Instead, I went super luxe, super drool worthy and super expensive. Sometimes it’s the only way.

They both have something in common, a delicious baby blue colour, which is refreshing against a sea of black and navy.

I’d like to start with the bang on-trend Chloé Alpaca-Blend Blanket Cape.

Just look at the folds and layers, the way it hangs, the draping around the neck. I am obsessed with this cocoon-like coat.

It looks super cosy and soft and has beautiful white woven piping running along all the edges. It’s dreamy. At £2,445 it’s beyond pricey and well out of anything I could ever afford, but I still find myself checking it out daily.

The other coat just so happens to be from a brand I hadn’t heard of before, Finds.

Central Saint Martins graduate Rejina Pyo is the brains behind this Two Tone Faux Fur Coat, focusing on tailoring and graphic patterns.

Now, I own a lot of coats but I what I don’t own is a faux-fur number. This one fits the bill nicely. I like how it’s in sky blue and not the typical black, cream or mink. I like how heavy and thick this look and how it falls to the knee. This coat means business and I’m down with that. What I’m not down with is £1,350. Damn.

That won’t stop me daydreaming…

What coats have you got your eye on?


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