Black and white with a stripe…

Sometimes all you need is a bit of black and white….

I love the simplicity of chucking on an all black outfit. It makes me feel clean and slimmer, even if I don’t always feel it. By adding my fave stripey jersey jacket it smartens the look up and adds a fresh pop of colour, if you can call white a colour that is….

And as you can see from my feet my new shoe boots arrived…

Oh lalala. Obviously they are wedged as I have Bambi-esque ankles. They are actually ridiculously uncomfortable but hell they look good. I just got a black dress from Topshop which has a leopard print peter pan collar that these would go with.

I have a few new buys to share but we’ll get round to that. In the meantime I’m checking every five minutes for show updates from NYFW. Who’s excited???????


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