10 Best Things That Happened in October

October was a brilliant month. First off, my little cousin got married which was the most fun ever. Secondly, Al and I have been shopping up a storm for our flat which is starting to look like our home now and thirdly, the weather’s got a lot colder and I can now wear coats and tights on a daily basis. This makes me super happy.

Here are my highlights from October…

1. Being a bridesmaid, alongside Annie (my older cousin’s wife), for my beautiful little cousin.
2. Watching Mrs and Mrs Bow tie the knot.

3. Hanging out with this hotty.
4. A family selfie with a few of my favourites.

5. Posing up a storm in this Vivien of Holloway bridesmaid number.
6. Making the most of the petticoat with some cheeky ruffles.

7. The weather finally being cold enough for me to break out my leopard coat again.
8. And pairing the said leopard coat with my animal-print skirt.

9. Finally seeing my two oldest friends after seven months and it seeming like we’ve never been apart.
10. Setting up my new blogging corner on our new sofa.

looking forward to November, in particular all the family days I’ve got planned. Check me out on Instagram @josclothes for more.

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