5 Reasons You Need Sequins in Your Life

I am a lover of anything sequin covered. I’m basically a Magpie in disguise and would encourage you to have as many embellished items in your closet as physically possible. 
Want to know why? No problem.
1. Because they will make you smile inanely whenever you wear them – see picture above. That should be reason enough. If not, I’ve scrabbled together four more…
2. A hint of sparkle instantly transforms your outfit. Pair a sequin tee with plain jeans and blazer to take you from work to play in an instant.
3. When it’s sunny, everything reflects off a sequin giving a kind of disco ball effect. And who doesn’t love a disco ball?!
4. I like to use mine as a tracking device so friends can always find me on a night out. “See that sparkling light in the distance, that’ll be our Jo”. No, I don’t know why my friends are now all northern.
5. I’ll type only three words. Strictly Come Dancing. 
I know they say less is more, but as far as I’m concerned, more is definitely more when it comes sequins.
Bling me up baby!

How do you wear yours?


One response to “5 Reasons You Need Sequins in Your Life”

  1. Avatar laura says:

    I love sequins! I have an awesome sequin midi skirt that I'm dying to wear! x