Help! I’m Addicted to a Garish Wedged-Heeled Boot

This definitely looks like a criminal lineup in my overgrown garden.

And to some extent, it is. You see, these boots are all guilty of the following crimes:

1. Being massively clunky, chunky boots
2. Wearing animal print well
3. Having a wedged heel
4. Being super obnoxious
5. Not caring who they stomp over

I’ve been organising my shoe collection now we’ve moved house and while stacking box upon box, I realised just how many pairs of wedged boots I actually own. It’s no secret that I am a wedge fan across all seasons, as I’m ridiculously clumsy and have Bambi-like ankles, but you can definitely say and see that I have a type.

I like my mine animal-printed, made in suede or pony skin and covered in heavy buckles, or even better, fringing.

One thing’s for sure they have to be bold, brash and completely garish, otherwise I’m just not interested.

The following shoes have been sentenced to a life sentence of being worn throughout winter.

From left to right:
Faith Sabrina boots in tan
Emma Cook for Topshop maroon fringed boots
Kurt Geiger Viper pony boots

Judge rules.


One response to “Help! I’m Addicted to a Garish Wedged-Heeled Boot”

  1. Avatar laura says:

    I love your taste in shoes!