I am being tortured…..please stop…

I do believe that they are doing it on purpose. ASOS that is. When I have money they choose not to have any decent clothes….but when I am skint…it’s a different matter. They seem to stock up on summery floral dresses and cute shoes….They know I have no money but yet see it fit to torture me.

I have no will power and I feel that they are trying to take advantage of my trusting nature. I have been a reformed shopaholic for two months now. That’s two whole long and horrible months free from shopping for myself. I’ve even had to go to extreme lengths like avoiding the shops altogether. You may have noticed from previous posts that I am wearing every other dress that I own (I do love a good dress) to death. Most of them now have holes. I am spending more and more hours trying to find new ways to reinvent the clothes I have. I have even finished a DIY on some shorts……for me this is just not healthy.

Friends and family are starting to worry. Today I made the fatal error of flicking through the ASOS day dresses sale, then to the skirts, then shoes. My dad came in to find me bent over the laptop silently weeping. I then reenacted a Kevin and Perry type scenario of huffing and throwing my arms and body in opposite directions while moaning ‘it’s so unfair….grunt…huff.’

And it is because they have all the dresses I like in my size. Now why would they do that to me. I am actually thinking of writing to complain about this problem. You see if they weren’t there then I would be fine and I could carry on living in my little shopping free world however depressing. But no they are trying to exploit my weakness and my shopping addiction with ASOS seems to be reappearing.

I will now break up my blooming long rant with some pictures of the said items which keep popping into my head and making me want to shed a little tear….enjoy at my expense…

ASOS Stripe Cut About Dress £18 and ASOS Flower Print Mini Dress £18

ASOS Exposed Zip Gathered Waist Dress £12 and ASOS Contrast Piped Dress £18

ASOS Printed Shirred Waist Dress £20 and ASOS Print and Plain Contrast Dress £16

ASOS Border Print Flower Dress £16 and ASOS Flower Garden Print Dress £20

ASOS Drape Pocket Skirt £7.50 and ASOS Full Leg Ruched leggings £13

And some shoes just for good measure…

ASOS Lace Up Jazz Pump £9 and ASOS Leather Suede Deck Shoe £13

I mean sure there are some items I can live without. I don’t want to seem greedy…..But that’s not really point is it…


15 responses to “I am being tortured…..please stop…”

  1. Avatar prettyneons says:

    so true, it's like sods law isn't it—-fab pieces!
    PeAce & BoWs…
    prettyneons x 🙂

  2. You’re so sweet, thank you! 🙂

    I love the clothing you’ve picked out here, especially that ASOS Printed Shirred Waist Dress 🙂


  3. Avatar Emily says:

    I’m in love with the second outfit! I love the yellow floral and the shoes are amazing! And believe me, I hear you about finding the best clothes when you’re completely broke. It sucks being a college student =/

  4. Avatar hanna says:

    i completely empathize. asos is a little fashion devil, i tell you.hahhaha.

  5. Avatar Karen says:

    ooooh those floral dresses are beautiful!

  6. I totally get you!

    Love the drape pocket skirt.

  7. Avatar HoneyBunny says:

    I love all of these dresses<3 Especially the 'sailor' one:)) And I know what you feel…..

  8. Avatar tanya says:

    ahhh, that’s torture! For myself, I can always find stuff I like, unfortunately broke or rich..it’s a constant test of willpower. yucky. 🙂

  9. Avatar DaisyChain says:

    I’m often found yelling “it’s not fair” at the asos website
    or topshop for that matter.

  10. Love those deck shoes! Way to tempt me…those would go so good with my new white pants

  11. Avatar Emz says:

    I’m with you there. GRRRR shopping ban. Although, this means we’ll be able to get fabulous clothes at way cheaper prices!! And when we can decide whether or not we truly love the pieces!

  12. I’m sure they will all look horrible after one wash. And they will bunch in all the wrong places. And they will pill. Feeling better yet. You have all my sympathy xo

  13. Avatar Goldie Locks says:

    Ah yes the wonders of ASOS! Gotta love that site 😀

  14. love the whole looks and shoes
    check and comment and add/follow
    p.s cool blog

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