What I’m Wearing: Animal vs. Floral Clashing Prints

Today’s been a strange one. Everyone in the office definitely had that Friday feeling and I cried actual tears of laughter at least three times today.

Feels like I haven’t posted WIW in a very long time so here it is.

I couldn’t find a better jacket so grabbed my trusty reptile-printed grey one only to realise, as I step outside, that I am massively clashing…but I kinda like it.

I look like I’ve been sponsored head-to-toe by Topshop. I haven’t. The shoes are Primark!

What’s worse is the fact that I wore three instances of animal print against the one floral shirt. Yes three! My blazer, shoes and bag. So I’m guessing animal wins. Phew!

2 responses to “What I’m Wearing: Animal vs. Floral Clashing Prints”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    I love the clashing!

  2. I like your dress so nice and amazing fitting.