Louise Gray for Topshop: Legend Lips

Louise Gray’s quirky, bright and heavily sequinned collection dropped in Topshop last week. For those of us who have magpie tendencies, you won’t be disappointed. The six or so items of clothing are just as you would expect from the innovative British designer. It’s like an explosion of glitter, sequins and colours have landed on over-sized dresses, tees and leggings. The same can be said for the make up too!

While I surprised myself by not being majorly sold on any of these, I was hearing rave reviews of the beauty products from the lovely A Daisy Chain Dream. In particular she told me to check out the lipsticks.

Now, usually my chapped lips spend most of their time smothered in Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream – aka my saviour. However, if someone tells me to try something, I’m likely to do it. So yesterday, on a trip into Oxford Street for the not-so-new boyf’s early birthday celebrations, we popped into Topshop so I could see for myself.

Louise has produced two lipsticks in her range, one bright pink and one more orange. I went for the pink, appropriately named Legend Lips and loved it.

It’s bright, in-your-face (quite literally) and means you can get away with wearing little other make up – in my opinion, a plus! It has a velvety finish and for £10, a bargain.

See the complete collection here.

What do you think of the collection? Have you bought anything?


One response to “Louise Gray for Topshop: Legend Lips”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    OH want want want. Why have I failed to purchase this so far?