Want it on Wednesday: J.W.Anderson’s Dreamy Aqua Booties with All the Ruffles

I don’t even know where to begin with these boots. They are next-level gorgeous. I am so smitten it actually hurts a little.

J.W.Anderson is badass. Fact. These Aqua Ruffle Booties are also badass. Fact.¬†They’re so badass they’ve left me speechless, or in blogging terms, unable to type.

So, let’s start from the top, that beautiful bright aqua colour on the equally beautiful suede. It’s a dreamy combination. And it only gets better. The heel is low and curved, the toe is perfectly pointed and they look like they’ll hit just above the ankle.

But all I actually want to type is BRING ME THE BLOODY RUFFLES! NOW!


The ruffles take these booties (which sounds so much better than just boots) from fabulous to fucking fabulous. I can’t get enough. The ruffles start at the ankle and run on the diagonal across the toe. They remind of the ruffles on the sleeves of Captain Hook’s shirt from Peter Pan.

I’ve been staring at these shoes for a good 10 minutes now. I’m seriously considering taking a little helper from the wedding fund to make that all important purchase… Would that make me a bad person?! I am very, very serious about these booties.


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