Could I wear this dress to my best friend’s wedding?

ASOS are such enablers. Not only do I get their daily emails, they also send me texts with their latest deals. Up until now I’ve been strong and not crumbled and eaten the blatant carrot they’re dangling in my face. However, today’s message had me browsing. 60% off just-in dresses. How very dare you.

I’m being almost militant with my money at the moment as I basically haven’t got any. What I do have though, is five weddings to attend this year. That means five dresses. Or in my case three dresses, one sari and one bridesmaid dress.

I already have a couple of wedding-appropriate dresses I can roll out but there’s one wedding in particular where I’d like to bust out a brand-spanking new outfit. You see, one of my gorgeous besties, Chez, is marrying her gorgeous man Chris, who is Al’s best mate. Al’s one of their ushers and is going to be suited and booted. I need to up my game.

This is where I need your help. I’ve found this Floral Skater Dress on ASOS and alongside praying that no-one else has, am not 100% sure it’s wedding appropriate.

It has a beautiful grey floral print, a glorious round neckline that leads into mesh arms and waist, sweetheart bodice, a skater skirt and a beautiful sheer, open back. Imagine it with delicate jewellery and some killer heels.

Here’s the big question that I need your help with. Could I wear this dress to my best friend’s wedding in March? Cast your vote below and help me out!

Could I wear this dress to my best friend’s wedding?


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