Love a Bit of Leather…Love a Bit of Balmain

If you read the blog regularly, are a member of my family, or have just happened to bump into me on a random night out, you will know I have a love for leather (sometimes pleather but we don’t brag about it).

You will then also appreciate my love for Balmain and their stretch leather pants, courtesy of Net-A-Porter. Although, whether these actually stretch to fit a normal sized bum I’m not so sure. Could I make the leather/muffin-top look work?

These, at £2,455, are pure sex. They scream rock and roll and you can imagine seeing none other than Kate Moss rocking out in them.

This insane price tag doesn’t deter me though. All I can think is how amazing these would make your bum look. Shallow? Me?

What do you think, are you a leather fan?

Image from Net-A-Porter.


One response to “Love a Bit of Leather…Love a Bit of Balmain”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    they are beautiful, strictly a dream item though.

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