The Sequin-Covered Sliders Making My Dreams Come True

Breaking news: I am a thirty-year-old sequin and glitter obsessive.

Ok, so if you’ve read the blog for a while, or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know this isn’t really breaking news. But the new addition to my summer wardrobe is!

My Lila Sequin Slogan Sliders. Pow! Wow!

They are bat-shit cray and I’m totally in love with that.

My cousin, Mrs Bow Retro, spotted them on Ebay and instantly thought of me and my magpie tendencies. I figured they’d be absolutely perfect for making a statement alongside my summer wardrobe, particularly for my wedding in Antigua.

So, despite my family hating sliders, my cousin bid on them and won. Et voilà, they are mine.

Now I have to be honest with you, they aren’t the most comfortable slide I’ve ever had the pleasure of slipping my feet into. The glitter edges are a little rough and the corners point straight into my toes however, the furthest I plan on waking in them is from the beach to the bar and back again, so they’ll do.

I can already see them paired with my white kaftan with all the pom poms. I will be a beacon of colour, texture and sparkle and that works just fine for me.


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