I’ve Massively Upped My Boot Game

Sound the foghorn, I have finally, finally got my hands on not one but two pairs of flat black ankle boots. If you’re not already aware I cannot begin to explain how long it’s taken me to find some I like, let alone two pairs.

First up, this glorious black suede pair with a spot of Dalmatian print. These have me singing the Cruella de Vil theme tune as I walk.

I’ve stayed away from Chelsea boots in the past as is always thought they made my size fives look ginormous. This just proves that if you add a little animal print, I’m likely to fall for it.


Secondly are these bad boys with their huge cut outs in prime position to show off my sparkly socks. My bestie couldn’t have got it any more right. They are perfection. They have studs, they have tassels, they are a combination of everything I like.

From the girl with no flat boots, to the girl who owns two pretty special pairs. If only I had another pair of legs, I could wear them all the time. Yep, totally wishing I was more caterpillar like right now.


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