My love affair with MICHALSKY continues…

I just couldn’t help but post about MICHALSKY again. I spent all night thinking about the clothes and desperately wanted to post his latest Autumn/ Winter 09 collection which mixes the idea of sex and religion, in a romantic gothic way. The collection is about freedom and what is believed to be right and wrong.

Each garment and look created carries heavy attitude and looks incredibly feisty. Like something someone in the ‘cool gang’ would wear.

The trousers continue on the trend of skintight but have either a lace or old looking paisley print on them. When paired with the above fur (fake??) stole and white blazer jacket, the look is more grunge, especially when you take into account the slicked back ponytail and the plum lips.

Michalsky keeps the hemlines short and pairs them with sheer black tights. Lace features frequently amongst this collection and when worn with a studded black leather jacket it is given a tougher edge.

Even the evening dresses require you to double take. The materials are just as luxurious as the S/S 09 collection. The fabric drapes around the body and creates an image of waves around the feet when walking.

I’m afraid I can’t even apologise for my complete obsession with Michael Michalsky and probably everything he has created.


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