Harry high pants!

I love high waisted trousers, I several pairs of Toppers jeans in this style. I am not very tall at 5ft 6 but have an incredibly long body so am really out of proportion. I find that high waisted items, be it a skirt or trousers, flatter me as they distort the length of my body.

Seeing as I am a funny shape I have always struggled to find trousers that fit me well. They either don’t fit the waist or the hips, god damn it. That was until I reluctantly pulled on a Warehouse pair. The said pair were heavy woollen, high waisted and black. Exactly what I was looking for. I tried on my size and was surprised to find that as they are so high waisted they were actually too big. At this moment in time I started to hyperventilate a little at the shock and joy of finding the perfect pair of trousers. I found the next size down and tried these on…..only to find that they bloomin well fitted me! Well they were slightly too long in the leg, but nothing a good pair of heels wouldn’t solve.

So I just had to buy them and here they are.
They were reasonably priced at about £40 and are great for this pathetic weather. They have incredible detail around the waist for the price. There is a tie for the belt to pull the trousers in around the waist, with the top of the trousers material folding into pleats which branch out from the body.

(Black vest and grey slouch tee ASOS, knitted gillet French Connection, trousers Warehouse, heeled brogues New Look.)

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