50s-Style Shenanigans: Winged Liner, Red Lips and Petticoats

Isn’t it amazing what a trowel of makeup, 32 bobby pins and a petticoat will do to you?

I’m not sure I’ve ever looked this good. I can barely manage an up do and am definitely not a winged liner pro – I’m getting there. Shocker, I’ve also never worn a petticoat, which I will now do daily.

You might be wondering why I look so glam, seeing as I usually look a little more under done on the blog. Well, a couple of weekends ago, Annie, my elder cousin’s wife, and I took my little cousin Gem, to London for her hen do. I won’t share all the secrets as it was a weekend of no judgement, but I wanted to share a few pictures of us after Amanda from Lipstick and Curls had worked her magic and some small miracles.

We went for a 1950s look, rocking curls, victory rolls, heavy winged liner, glossy red lips and the ability to perform the best twirls ever. From now on I will demand to always have a petticoat when shooting twirling looks. It’s the only true way to get volume, height and air!

We had the best weekend laughing, dancing and of course drinking. We have the wedding in a couple of weekend’s time and I will definitely be sharing some pictures from that, mainly because I get to wear a petticoat again.


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