From ruffles to pleats to folds….

So I may now have a little bit of an obsession with scouring Etsy for some hidden gems. I find myself on there at least once a day, just clicking from page to page, not really looking for anything in particular, until I find some inspiration…and it’s happened again….warning: this post may contain images of items you may want to buy…

Her name is Emily Ryan, she is a designer who produces two collections a year from Oregon and is inspired by “…modern sculptural designs that explore texture and shape, as well as artistic, comfortable, and cozy designs. I am continually inspired by 1920’s couture, science fiction, and Japanese fashions.”

One of my favourites…I love the massive neck which is perfect for hiding in and the way the dress flares magnificently from under the bust line…

The intricate detailing and the quilted effect transforms this shift into something much more creative…

Again another fave…possibly because of the major neck…possibly because I love all things batwing…possibly because I have a pair of tights in the same colour as the picture and can already imagine wearing it…

I am developing a bit of a thing for these oversized chunky necklines… the sleeves…

What is not to love….The pleats, the ruffles, the folds….the fabric is just sculpted like origami into these extreme shapes that are visually quite amazing….you can just image them moving on the body…

I love the sombre colour palette for her Autumn/ Winter collection above and I love the use of heavy material which allows the bottom of the garment to hang and seem quite structured. The prices range drastically from $88 for a simple gathered tunic jersey to $230 for the button neck balloon dress.

If this doesn’t make me save I’m really not sure what will…..


6 responses to “From ruffles to pleats to folds….”

  1. Avatar Eli says:

    ahhh, these are so cool!

  2. Wooow, I like first dress,
    has a fantastic neck!


  3. Avatar F Blog says:

    Wow I love all of these. Will have to check it out on etsy.

  4. Avatar Robynne says:

    This is really amazing!!

    -fashion on edge

  5. Avatar esther says:

    these are incredible! i have GOT to check her out!

  6. I really adore that last dress. I so often feel I should be less clothes at these slightly higher prices…but then I never can seem to invest so much money in a single item. Still–great eye you have for Etsy finds!

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