To JUMP or to PLAY suit…

I’ve got to hold my hands up and admit I’m not quite sure of the difference, if there is even one, between the playsuit and the jumpsuit…I’ve always believed that the jumpsuit has the full length leg whilst a playsuit has a strap top and shorts bottom….am I right??

Well, either way it’s obvious that they are going to be a key look for Spring/Summer. Every single shop has designed their own take on it. I think to carry off this dramatic look you need to have full confidence and be a bit of a risk taker in the fashion stakes. I’d like to say they’d look good with flats but if truth be told, the full leg length would be considered more flattering with a heel or wedge.

Now I would love to own several, just for the fact that they are so easy just to throw on and accessories then go…that’s the kind of summer dressing I need in my life.

I’ve been searching high and low for one that takes my fancy…and that looks like something I might be able to carry off if I suck it all in and wear some stacked heels…anyways…
This one is fab, it has a mesh insert down the front to the navel and all down the back, which could possibly draw the eyes away from the lardy arse (mine) that might be wearing it. I quite like the baggy fit down the stomach and the ruched waist which gives the wearer some shape. I think the length of these sits just before the ankle which I also like, I think it’s a bit sexy to show a hint of ankle…and yes of course it’s from Toppers…


6 responses to “To JUMP or to PLAY suit…”

  1. Avatar coco says:

    A playsuit is just a jumpsuit but the legs are shorts. I think I’m more into jumpsuits but I’m not that tall – so playsuits would probably look better on me sadly.

  2. Avatar DaisyChain says:

    I always get confused about the difference! I really want one for summer though.

  3. Avatar tanya says:

    I think I’m on the jumpsuit bandwagon as well–there are so many amazing ones out there now!

  4. I think I agree with you on the jumpsuit being long and playsuit being short, though I’m not 100% sure either! And what is a jumper, like the American? Short? Confusing! I only have one playsuit and I’ve yet to wear it out, it is not so flattering on the ass! Char x

  5. Avatar Adair says:

    I never knew the difference either! Though with the explanation of playsuit being shorts, I think I personally would prefer the playsuit. I do like the one you’ve posted though. I’ll have to go play/jump suit shopping soon!

  6. Avatar Victoria C says:

    that play suit is gorgeousss. anything mesh is good in my books ! xx

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