The September Issue…

I will keep this post short and sweet….I am excited about seeing The September Issue. It has been so hyped and so publicised that I now just want to see Anna Wintour in all her catty action.

I mean I don’t even know her, will never meet her, yet she intimidates me…even on a film.

I’m currently reading Jerry Oppenheimer’s book Front Row Anna Wintour: The Cool Life and Hot Times of Vogue’s Editor in Chief, lent to me by Quintessential Man (who really needs to start updating more!!!) and it’s really quite interesting to find out so much about her background. It seems she has always been focused and driven which I suppose could make you seem a bit….well cold.


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  1. Avatar prettyneons says:

    agree with you–its such a shame when someone is driven / ambitious that they are viewed as cold. You have to be so thick skinned in the fickle fashion vortex, which sucks.
    Why does fashion have to be so heartless?

    prettyneons X
    PS..Have a brill weekend hun 😉

  2. Avatar Lucie says:

    Argh, fashion is such a hard, bitchy industry. You only have to look at the models…

    much love x

  3. Avatar Heini says:

    I´m so looking forward for this! Hope it will find it´s way here in Finland too. I gross my fingers.

  4. Avatar srta a says:

    i couldn't see it 🙁

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