Fancy feet….

Again this morning I was just skipping through my emails when I came across my net-a-porter newsletter and was instantly drawn to the images of Camilla Skovgaard’s latest shoe collection. The Danish designer has become known for her quirky style mixing unique designs with high quality craftsmanship.

I’ll be honest…I fell a bit in love with them…The way the soles are cut into, the sculpting and cutout detailing, the burnt orange, black suede or bi-colour boots. I think these shoes just scream BUY ME….BUY ME….YOU KNOW YOU WANT ME… I actually think they’re taunting me right now as I type this….

My next logical thought (if you can call it that) was thinking that if I own enough pennies to buy them they would really go well with my fave Olivia Rubin dress….Hmmmm do I mock up a photoshop image of myself in them, or is that going just a tad too far? I’ve just decided I want the orange ones because I distinctly remember the dress having a few orange blocks….now who will sponsor me £330 for a little shoe purchase……..


5 responses to “Fancy feet….”

  1. Avatar Oh...dear me says:

    I love the shoes! and your blog! Hi!

  2. Avatar SCISI says:

    love love love. i am currently saving up for the black pair:)xx

  3. Avatar daisychain says:

    oh man, these are amazing