Boxing day boots

When doing my sales shopping in Matalan I also stumbled across these boots. I had had my eye on a pair of these for ages but what with Christmas shopping didn’t get the chance to buy them….so now I have…

I also went to Topshop and brought some more skinny black jeans, as they seem to be the only type that actually suit me, that go well with the above boots. Here I also got this jumper with mesh panels that everyone seems to have. I know I have jumped onto this trend late but I don’t care cause I like it…
I have a feeling I may start to live in this jumper…


3 responses to “Boxing day boots”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    wow they are gorgeous and I love the jumper!

  2. Avatar Alanna says:

    im loving those boots and that top is killer!

  3. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Im tres jealous of your purchases and gifts!! And can I just say you look absolutely gorgeous in the top photo, lets just say I would!! 😛 Your soooooooo brown!!!! Cannot wait to see you. Love you muchly, the partner in crime xcx

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