Heaven in a boot…

Heaven in a boot…

I have been waiting to post these images for a while. Obviously because they were a Christmas present I had to wait, which almost killed me, but they are here now….on my feet….just a little slice of heaven…sigh…
We got these boots way back at the beginning of November when Christmas shopping with my mum, auntie and pink-haired cousin. I spied them across the shoe centre of Bentals and instantly fell a little bit in love. They made me um and oh, at first I wasn’t even sure that they could fit in with my current wardrobe, but hey I can buy a new wardrobe around the boots right? I worried if I would be able to walk in the heel as I have notoriously Bambi-like ankles, but then hell I can just cling on to the boyfriend when I wear them…

These Carvela knee highs are in a brown suede, have fringing, peep toes and cut outs the whole way down…Seriously, what’s not to love?????
(I appologise for the label peeking through!)

Love, love, love…


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