So…It’s been a while

These past two weeks have been crazy. I started my new job and jumped way in and I’m really enjoying myself. It’s an exciting time with one of our websites relaunching which equals me being busy busy. I’m really enjoying having that indepence that a job brings you. I feel so much happier and positive, afterall it’s taken me a whole year to get to where I wanted. Kinda proves that you should never give up.

I’m so busy at work that we’re actually looking for an intern to help me out! Who woulda thunk it! I’ve only just stopped being an intern myself.

The downside is that it’s been a while since posting. I’m finding it hard to fit it in….but I will try to bring back some normal posting. Can’t promise that it will be regular though…

Anyways this is a little pic from last weekend. The boyf went to Creamfields and I went to a steel drum festival in Hyde Park and then carnival on Sunday with the partner in crime….
This was at Hyde Park. Not really wearing anything exciting but just liked this pic…


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    Enjoy your new job, love you're happier and positive, it's really fab!! 😉


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