Gots me in a dilema….

Ok fellow bloggers….readers of this blog….friends….family even….I need your help.
I am in love with these shoes. They are perfect for summer, especially to wear to work. They go with all of my clothes. I am in love with them..I want them…I need them in fact..have I already said that?
But they are a tad on the expensive side, £80 to be exactish. But that is sale price. What do I do? Buy them or regret it forever?
Please help. I think if I get three comments saying yes, then I’ll buy them…the choice is in your hands.

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  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    they look worth it to me, if I had the money I know I'd invest as the heel and colour are practical and they seem super versatile

  2. You've already said they are perfect for summer and when a shoe is fashionable and work-appropriate it's gotta be a do. Do it.

  3. Avatar Anna Jane says:

    You've pretty much answered your own question there – if you love them and they go with most of your wardrobe then of COURSE they're worth it. Work out how often you will wear them and see whether the £80 is justifiable. If you wear them more than once a week they will defo be worth it 🙂

    – Anna Jane xxx

  4. Avatar KIRAFASHION says:

    only buy it if you can afford…if you can't don't fell bad about it…other shoes will come so soon :))

    all my kisses,

  5. Avatar Faboulista says:

    i donnt want to influence in the opposite way but i think if u really like this style but cant afford this price u can degfintly get cheaper ones. i have seen this style a lot this season. check aldo. they will defintly have something similar.

  6. Avatar Pink haired Cousin says:

    Buy, buy, buy! I love them Jo Jo! xx

  7. Avatar prettyneons says:

    Hiya hun:)
    I have an idea …do you live near a Peacocks?
    They have twin shoes of the pair you crave, identical I swear down…go have a looksee at their webby your spot them no doubt.

    Hope this has helped, no?
    prettyneons XxX

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