New shoes…again

So, instead of getting the shoes below, I decided to keep looking. And it was a good job too otherwise I may never have found these beauties…

In my last post (which I know was a while ago) I was saying how I wanted a midi heel so that I could wear them to work comfortably, as I always end up running for at least one train. Well it just so happened that one of my favourite shoe brands, Kurt Geiger were having a sale. How convenient…

These are from the Miss KG line. They are made from the softest black suede. They have a midi cone heel and big brass buckles. I love them and they only cost £30!

However, I did not just stop at one pair. Hell no.

I went to the Debenhams sale and promptly found these grey suede Dune wedges.

So they weren’t quite in the sale but I just couldn’t resist. They look a bit clunky in the picture but you have to imagine them on. They look perfect with my OR Matisse dress.

And I didn’t stop there. I’ve been keeping my eye out for a new pair of sandals. My current pair of gladiators have nearly had it and end up covering my feet in blisters every time I wear them. Luckily I found these…

They have a jewelled bar up the front of the foot, have a slight raise in the platform creating a cute little heel, are snake print, and fasten with a popper hidden behind the grey bow. Love them!!!

I think I’ll save my new peach wedges and silver lace up pumps for another post…. Whoops.


5 responses to “New shoes…again”

  1. Avatar Faboulista says:

    hey Jo. i got my stella's last year from a candian department store called holt renfrew. i was very lucky because they had a great sale and i scored them at 50% off.

  2. Avatar Pink haired Cousin says:

    Oooo, I am LOVING them JoJo. Super jealous! xx

  3. Avatar Alanna says:

    I LOVE the bow on the snake skin sandals

  4. Avatar prettyneons says:

    aaahhhh this is the second pair of shoes (grey wedges) I've seen today in the blogsphere which I also own.
    Strange, I forget other people visit the same websites and shops as me haha.
    'duh indeed.
    Deb's have some mighty fine shoes at the mo!


  5. Avatar vv says:

    love all the shoes!


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