Floaty Friday…

Real original blog title I know but I’m all out of ideas. So, here’s what I wore today. I haven’t been meaning to just blog about my wardrobe this week but I do have some newish clothes to share…
This top is pretty amazing. The colours blend together so well and give it that fresh summery look. It also hides a multitude of sins and it’s errrr floral…
Wearing it always get the same comments. Girls say it’s so pretty…..Guys just don’t get. The boy for instance says I look like a flying squirrel. Its the arms….and guess what, that’s what they said at work today.
I also have to talk about these jeans. Now when the skinny jean craze started I just wasn’t interested. I am fully aware that I do not have skinny jean appropriate legs….but I am now the happy owner of about four pairs! It’s ridiclous. I’m not entirely sure what made me change my mind. At first I would only buy pairs in dark colours, so I have an indigo blue and two black pairs, but then I saw these beauts. The light grey, the ribbed panels. I just love them. I can only wear skinnies from Topshop though. Oh and with a long top…just a habit I’ve got into.
What are you lot wearing?

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  1. Avatar betz says:

    so freakin' cool! love love love it!


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