I’m an #AccessAllAsos Insider

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I have a serious addiction to ASOS. I read their tweets, follow their YouTube channel, am subscribed to their newsletters and generally browse their site at least once a day. Maybe addiction isn’t a strong enough word here…

You’ll also know that I regularly feature them on my blog because I genuinely love what they do, their clothes, the way they bring big brands together and the ease of online shopping. So you can imagine my happiness at being accepted into #AccessAllASOS.

As an ASOS insider I’ll get to know about new collections, get the opportunity to visit their HQ as well as attend events. For me, the most exciting bit has to be the prospect of meeting other bloggers who share the same loves as I do.

They very kindly sent me a little something something in the post that looked like this….

They know me so well.

A pair of socks with pizzas all over them, a McDonald’s-fries look-a-like phone case (which is brilliant but humongous) and a fortune cookie. A perfect gift for someone who is a sucker for food.

Thanks ASOS.

Any other bloggers out there joined #AccessAllASOS? I’d love to ‘meet’ you!


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