Imagine a Cross Between a Tanned Reptile and an Unwell, Sunburnt Leopard – That’s my Skirt

So, I got a new skirt. But it’s not just any old skirt. Oh no, no.
It’s this crazy multi-coloured animal-print Lavish Alice skirt.

This print is what would happen if a tanned reptile took on some kind of unwell, sunburnt leopard in a fight. It’s magical.

soon as I saw it, which was over Christmas, I knew I had to have it. I
busted it out for the first time last week and then again for a lazy
Sunday. It’s slightly too big on my waist but, if I wear it with a top
tucked in or a cute little jumper, it’s perfect.

jumper of choice is a very old one. So old in fact I can’t completely
remember where I got if from, other than it being an event where you
could rummage through other people’s clothes. I do remember that I paid
£2 for it though. Bargain. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want killer shoes, dripping with blood, on a jumper?

As for my pimping slipper shoes. They were a Christmas present from my dad, from Nine West. They make me feel like Hugh Hefner minus the smoking jacket. That’s next on my want list.

Have a good week all.


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