VERY exciting…Part two…

Well despite the snow trying to ruin all of my parcel deliveries this week (especially the boyfs birthday prezzies) the very kind delivery man who visited me two days running managed to get my Very special parcel to me…
So my initial thoughts were that…the bag is a great shape and I love really long chains that let you wear it across the body. The shoes I have to admit I wasn’t too sure about. They don’t look perfectly finished around the edges and while I was expecting them to be nude in colour they’re actually more tan. And finally the dress. Ahhhh the dress. Let me just say it came in it’s own separate box, on a hanger and then wrapped in plastic, which actually made me quite excited- sad I know but I love seeing how things are packaged.

Anyway the dress was much better than I had expected and to be honest I’m not sure that the picture on the website does it complete justice. The colour is a beautiful mix of cream and yellow, which maybe shouldn’t suit me because my skin tone is actually quite yellow, but somehow works and the print on it is beautiful. The Peter Pan collar is made of tiny white and black beads. The darts on the bust sit in exactly the right position. The material feels expensive for a £60 dress. The sleeves are amazing, they have seams on the upper arm- t-shirt length- that blouson out to the wrist where the sleeves have delicate buttons. The fit is exactly as it should be. Overall the dress is utter perfection. 

After days of just hanging on my wardrobe doors I finally decided to wear my goodies all together to get some pictures…

The shoes are still slightly uncomfortable. They definitely need to be worn around the house to loosen the material. They are actually growing on me though. I am starting to like the tan colour and am not sure I would really have liked them so much in nude. The heel is quite slim and high which I am not that used to with my Bambi ankles. I may need some practice in them. 

As you can probably tell I am a VERY happy girl….


4 responses to “VERY exciting…Part two…”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    wow, talk about lucky
    that dress is utterly perfect on you

  2. you so look so cute ^^

  3. Avatar Emz says:

    I love the dress! It's so adorable =) The shoes are cute too- I hope they become more comfortable soon!

  4. Love your dress here!

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